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About Our Practice

Welcome to Dudu Optometrist, your trusted vision care partner. Our journey began with a passion for making positive changes in ordinary lives. Providing clear vision isn't just about eye care but a means to enhance lives and turn dreams into reality.​

What makes Dudu Optometrist unique is our commitment to education. Beyond traditional eye care, we actively engage with communities through vision screenings and talks in various settings, including corporations, schools, churches, and media platforms. We're not just practitioners but educators, empowering people to prioritize eye health for overall well-being.

Our vision is to redefine how eye care is perceived nationally, setting a new benchmark for excellence. Our mission is clear: to give vision and touch lives. Join us as we journey towards a new point of view.

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Our Vision and Mission

VISION: To create a new benchmark in how eye care is perceived in communities nationally MISSION: To give vision and touch lives

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

We provide a range of eye examinations. Having your eyes tested regularly can also result in early detection of a serious health risk. Our aim is to make clear and comfortable vision a reality for all our patients based on each patient’s needs.

Eyecare Education to the Public

We pride ourselves in educating the public on Eyecare. We do this on a regular basis on various platforms, including features on the radio or TV, social media platforms and physical appearances in the Corporate world, Churches, and Schools.

Frame Selection and Assistance

Frames are more than just corrective eyewear; they become part of your daily appurtenance. Our team are here to help choose the perfect frame to meet your needs and preferences.

Contact Lens Consultation

Starting with an eye health assessment we can determine if you are able to wear Contact Lenses. Once you are cleared you are fitted and the particular types of lenses are discussed to determine the best option for your lifestyle.

Frame and Spectacle Adjustments and Repairs

From time to time you may want your Frames adjusted or repaired. Our skilled opticians can adjust the bridge, nose pads and temples to ensure the proper fit to your face.

Frame Sales

We have a wide range or frames from a variety of brands to choose from. These frames can be fitted with lenses to meet all your needs such as, indoor use, outdoor use, ready, driving and more.

Our Team

We have something pretty special here at Dudu Optometrist: a friendly team committed to your optical needs and a great customer experience all around.

team member

She became the first University graduate in her family and the first full-time employed Optometrist in the Department of Health Eastern Cape, where she was placed at Port Elizabeth Provincial Hospital in 2004. She then moved to private practice and later got an opportunity to become a Spec Savers Franchisee. She then felt it was time to open her own business, Dudu Optometrist Inc., trading as Dudu Optometrist in August 2015.

Pearl Duduzile Zikiza
B. Optom (UL), EC rep of (SAOA), Member of (HPCSA), Member of (BHF)

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